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A 3 month coaching program based on dedicated one on one time, defining one milestone of your dream, building a tangible plan. A tiny change with a powerful impact on the way you live your life.


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If you are in a place of your life where everything is going as planned, but you still feel like something is missing: This program is for you.

If you feel guilty for feeling this way because you should be grateful for all that you have and have accomplished, but you can't shake the feeling of an unknown emptiness: This program is for you.

If you feel overwhelmed by thinking about change but you're not sure where to start: This program is for you.

You don't need to change your life completely to start feeling fulfilled. You can start by choosing one milestone, setting a tangible goal to feel fulfilled again!

One tiny change can be the trigger to start the journey towards your dream, creating the momentum of a woman in control of her life.

This program includes:

  • 3 months of coaching
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls, 60 minutes each
  • Coaching record logger
  • Unlimited Voxer communication
  • Embrace Change - 3 Step Approach Workbook
  • Accountability partner throughout your journey

BONUS (valued at $395):

60 minute private session to build your Vision Board

30 minute dedicated assessment session


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01 Clarify.

Bring clarity to what is your dream, your passion. If you were not afraid, what would you do?

02 Set.

Break down your dream into goals, and set ONE tiny change you would like to see to get closer to your ONE DREAM. Explore what you can do by setting a plan, ONE PLAN during this program.

03 Test.

Time to test and learn about yourself. Accept challenges. Face your fears and be brave enough to go out of your comfort zone and learn.

04 Transform.

Achieve your goal. Because it is a tiny change, you can see and feel the transformation, making you willing to continue the journey of following your dreams.

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Meet Coach AnnaJo.

Hi there!

I am Ana, a personal coach and trainer certified by the John Maxwell Team. I hold a postgraduate diploma in Leadership and Team Building by the Psychology University of Lisbon in Portugal and I completed the certification of Women Leadership by eCornell, Cornell University, USA.

I am a wife and a mom of 2 children. We are a family from Portugal, but have been living in the US for the last 5 years, looking for the opportunity to pursue our dreams!

I discovered personal development in America, and it has become one of my missions to the world! My dream is to help people to find their dream and create an attitude in life that allows them to live a fulfilled life.

My tiny change was starting a blog, AnnaJoTalks, 3 years ago, to find my voice and myself. This pushed me a step forward towards my Dream.

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To write the next chapter of your life by making a tiny change with a big impact on the way you live your life?

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