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HARMONY ELITE --> Group Coaching

What would you carry inside if you had a magical toolbox for work-life harmony?

Courage, confidence, time, saying NO, saying YES, curiosity, don't care about others' opinions...
Let it go....and be ok with a messy kitchen!

What about the feeling of laughing out loud, crossing the road in Times Square, feeling like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City show?

What else would you carry in your toolbox to live a life in Harmony and own your decisions without "I should"?

Perhaps, Decision Making on your terms!


You can learn, practice, and share these competencies in a safe environment of powerful women like you.
Join the Harmony Elite group coaching with ten women with different experiences and backgrounds, and learn these skills intentionally during your day-to-day so you feel empowered and live the desired work-life Harmony.


01 What you will learn

You will learn a set of competencies such as curiosity, confidence, courage, decision-making, Einstein time, which can help you achieve work-life harmony by promoting personal growth, increasing self-awareness. The learning process is through personal experimentation finding this group a support network.

02 What is the set up

The group coaching is held in a zoom call for one hour. It is a live call, with a short introduction of the competencies and the following up individual and group exercises promoting group discussion, sharing ideas, advice, and encouragement in a safe space.
There will be an assignment by the end of each session.
The sessions will be recorded and shared only and exclusively with the group.

03 Who will be attending

  • Women who are seeking personal growth and development.
  • Women who are seeking balance and fulfillment.
  • Women who want to have more fun in life.
  • Women who empower other women to grow.
  • Women who want to live in Harmony even if the circumstances are messy.
  • Women who want NOT give f**ck about what others think about them.

04 Time and Money Investment

Time investment: 2 hours per week, during five weeks.

(Hoping you integrate the learnings in your day to day, not a side task).

Money investment: $695 is a one-time payment before starting the program, regarding a beta program cost.

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What woman have said about being inside Harmony Elite!

"Coach AnnaJo managed to bring together a group of ambitious entrepreneur women that were an
absolute delight to talk with over the 5 weeks. Coach AnnaJo's questions were thought provoking
and managed to get myself and others outside of our deep assumptions and mindset ruts."

- N. Rosario

"I feel like I was able to really connect with myself and goals. The group coaching allowed me to
come to terms what I wanted, my goals and ways to achieve them. During the program, I had the opportunity to think more specifically about what I want and what could be holding me back."

- G. Fico

"The consistency of showing up every week had the greatest impact on me. Not only were there people to whom I felt accountable, weekly calls kept the principles we were learning front and center. I felt like I really internalized them because of the repeated exposure—much more so than a workshop or an IG post or a book"

- T. Hoehne

Meet Coach AnnaJo.

Hi there!

I am Ana Jorge, a work-life balance coach working with women who want to have it all and live a vibrant life.
I am a mom of 2 children, a teenage boy and a toddler girl. I am from Portugal, and I am an immigrant living in the US for six years in NJ.
My background is in engineering, and I have worked in the corporate for 18 years. In 2019 I took my life coaching certification and started my coaching business three years ago.
I refused to take Xanax to find my work-life balance. Instead, I decided to work on myself bringing my engineering mindset to my real life, seeking personal growth through experimentation.

Starting Date:

January Date TBC

Schedule during 5 weeks

10 sessions 1 hr each, 2X week:

- 5 teaching sessions

- 5 office hours sessions