Coach AnnaJo


What if you could turn your deepest desires into reality in the next chapter of your life? Would you do it?

If you said YES, building your SELF MANIFESTO is for you. In this 60-minute 1:1 coaching session, called Power Hour, we will unravel your deepest desires, define your personal mantra, and then YOU record it on your phone.
Listen to this every day and see your reality changing. You will be your own motivation, training your mind for your future and kicking in the butt for a new reality!





01 Pre-Work

Please be prepared to answer the question: How are you ranking the different areas of your life? And what are the two of them you want to focus on next year.

Exercise: Wheel of Life

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02 Goals to achieve

From the two areas of your life, what are the achievements you want to live? Also setting these goals, visualize how are you feeling when you achieve them?

03 Identity

How are you showing up to you life, to make your goals achievable? This part of the session includes reflecting who you are, setting some personal affirmations, like "I am...", "I am the type of person who...". Also define your trigger that put you on track when something is on your way.

04 Record Your Manifesto

The session will end with having you in POWER POSE, recording your manifesto for 2023, using the prompt you created during the session.

This recording will be available for you everyday, so you know what you are up to when you wake up every morning.



"It really worked for me, in one hour there was space for me to rethink who I am and I believe in the power of affirmations, and couldn't avoid tears when I was doing the recording."

- Tiffany (Utah, US)

"This was a great session, high energy, and I had a breakthrough. Coach AnnaJo is the right coach for you to set your intentions for 2023, she really makes you rethink of your priorities."

- Sukanya (Atlanta, US)

"When I started the session I was sure my areas of focus were business and finances, then it ended completely different areas, and how powerful that is.

Thank you AnnaJo."

- Bwalya (Wisconsin, US)

Meet Coach AnnaJo.

Hi there!

I am Ana Jorge, a work-life balance coach working with women who want to have it all and live a vibrant life.
After working for 18 years in the corporate world, in different European countries, and now in the US, I went through constant change, adapting constantly, but always ending with being stuck in a hamster wheel of life. I was not living aligned with my values and trying to please everybody except me.
In 2019, I took a life coach certification and started my coaching business, and instead of blaming others for my lack of work-life balance, I built a program called Work-Life Harmony to live my life on my terms.
You can find me in NYC on Fridays. It's my disruptor of the week and having some ME time, either working, connecting with others, or simply walking around the streets to feel the vibrancy of the City.
If you stop by in NYC on a Friday, stop by and say Hi.

Are you ready?

To become your power, have an experience of a life coaching session with actual results! Let's record for real your 2023 manifesto to use it as your daily inspiration.